Physiotherapy equipment for sports medicine rooms

Aparat do drenażu limfatycznego CarePump Move6 dla sportowców

What physical therapy equipment can I recommend for sports medicine clinics? We present three proposals of modern devices that can be used not only to treat injuries, but also to accelerate regeneration.

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Sports Physiotherapist Specialization

Every physiotherapist at a certain stage of his education decides which patients he would like to work with. This choice can be called specialization. As part of this, the physical therapist teaches the techniques and techniques that will help him best solve the problems of his target group. Athletes are one such patient group.

Sprzęt fizykoterapeutyczny do gabinetu medycyny sportowej

This is a very demanding group due to the heavy workload and frequent injuries associated with it. The ideal option for a physical therapist is to run an athlete to address weaknesses and prevent injury. However, more often than not, athletes come to the office with a sudden injury that prevents them from continuing their activities. The physiotherapist should then use all the techniques known to him to get the athlete back to competition as soon as possible. Fortunately, companies in the rehabilitation industry are constantly conducting research, and thanks to this, physiotherapists have at their disposal more and more modern equipment to support their work and maximize the effect of therapy. And this equipment will be discussed.

iLUX 15 Triax High Energy Laser

iLUX’s Mectronic Medicale high-energy lasers are state-of-the-art physiotherapy devices. In this series we will find devices that differ in power and wavelength of the generated waves (two lengths in the Duo models or three in the Triax models).

Uraz uda - leczenie laserem wysokoenergetycznym

The heading model, that is, the iLUX 15 Triax high-energy laser has up to 7 radiation modes, which allows you to perfectly adjust the energy transfer depending on the disease. The TRIAX system used allows the therapy of even deeper structures. The company has also patented a stochastic mode (called E2C) that reduces pain through a pain gate mechanism. You can use iLUX lasers even in the acute phase of injury.

Tecar therapy apparatus – Doctor Tecar AVX

Another noteworthy equipment for sports medicine clinics is TECAR therapy devices. They allow a very large amount of energy to be transferred through the tissues, which affects severe hyperemia and tissue oxygenation. After therapy, muscle tissue relaxes and is well nourished, which speeds up recovery from injury.

Rehabilitacja po operacji kolana - terapia TECAR

Doctor Tecar cameras are available in two versions: standard and AVX. The latest model is maintenance-free, so the therapy can be combined with kinesitherapy or functional training. This allows you to develop the correct movement pattern and is especially useful in the process of muscle activation after injuries or surgeries.

Lymphatic drainage (compression massage) apparatus for athletes

A very common recommendation of physiotherapists for athletes is for the regeneration of lymphatic drainage. Specialists pay attention to several aspects, for example, the fact that the apparatus used creates high pressure and has a large number of operating modes. Our offer includes many very good lymphatic drainage devices, but for athletes we especially recommend those from the CarePump series.

These are small, battery-powered devices so athletes can take them to training and competition. The offer includes 4 and 6 cameras. The more chambers this device supports, the more accurate the drainage, so we recommend purchasing the CarePump Move6 6-chamber compression massage apparatus.

Aparat do drenażu limfatycznego CarePump Move6 dla sportowców

Choosing the right office equipment is one of the most important decisions, so we invite you to contact us to arrange an appointment during which we will present the cameras available in our offer.

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