Beauty and Sports

The effect of regular exercise:

  • Cleansing of pores through perspiration. This helps the body to cleanse itself from the inside out. In order for the cleansing to be good, it is necessary to drink more water during exercise and not to use makeup before working out.
  • Activation of microcirculation processes. Regular exercise improves not only the delivery of nutrients. The body gets rid of toxins, decay products and waste products faster and more efficiently.
  • Improving the condition of the vascular system. The cyclic contraction and relaxation of muscles during exercise increases the elasticity of capillary walls and large vessels. And this is a means against premature aging and the formation of wrinkles.

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However, there are also negative nuances. “Drying out” and the accompanying dehydration (dehydration) leads to problems with the epidermis – the outer (visible) layer of the skin. In addition, athletes following strict diets are familiar with a condition in which the body itself destroys – as they say, catabolizes – its own skin proteins in search of nutrition. As a result, rapid weight loss or gain turns into unaesthetic stretch marks, which can be removed only in the office of a cosmetologist.

What kind of sports should an active lady choose?


The harder we put stress on our muscles, the stronger our body reacts, because joining a gym puts the body under stress. A sure sign of such stress is a characteristic burning sensation in the muscles being worked. This is when the endocrine system gets the signal: you need hormones for recovery! This hormone is sent by the body to the part of the body that has just experienced “training” stress.

Strength training, in principle, helps the body look younger. Muscles get toned and stop sagging like fatless rags. In ladies who regularly perform squats with low weight, this effect is clearly visible on the buttocks, which tighten, lift and get that seductive shape that attracts the eyes of men. Due to the directional effect of hormones strength training even helps to get rid of the first stages of cellulite. The main thing is not to overwork and not to get carried away with “drying”. The optimal schedule is three strength training sessions of 45 minutes a week.


In many ways inferior to “rocking”. To achieve similar results, you will not just have to swim at a leisurely pace, posing as a regal undine. You will have to work with maximum intensity.

Regular intensive swimming exercises perfectly develop all muscle groups, with the main load falls on the back area. It forms the posture and figure as a whole. Lymph flow is activated, which allows the body to get rid of metabolic products faster, which, of course, affects the skin.

Unfortunately, in our latitudes, such exercises are only possible in swimming pools where the water is disinfected with chemicals, which can have a negative impact on sensitive skin. In some cases, the water is chlorinated, so moisturizers will be needed to restore the hydrolipid mantle.


The mega-popular yoga is on trend with people who want to look younger than their years. However, there are many caveats. First, it is difficult to find a competent specialist who teaches real yoga, not a set of exotic body movements. Secondly, the desire to pull up a figure and improve your appearance is much faster realized in the gym – the first positive changes you can see in the mirror after three months. Thirdly, yoga as a teaching was created not for aesthetic purposes, but as a way of spiritual perfection and implies radical changes in many aspects of everyday life. The changes that occur to the body of adherents of this doctrine are a side effect rather than the result they sought.

You need sports and a beautician

Regular exercise strengthens muscles, improves the condition of the spine and generally revitalizes the body. Appearance – all athletes look 5-10 years younger than their peers. However, this applies only to the body and not always to the condition of the skin. If you are over 40 and suddenly became obsessed with your appearance and took up sports, you are in for a rude awakening. No amount of training can restore your skin’s elasticity. Why?

No amount of exercise can help your skin produce the collagen, elastin, or hyaluronic acid it needs. And after all, these biologically active substances determine how young you look. That’s why stretch marks and wrinkles are a problem, even if you have a slim, toned figure.

Do not wait that sports will smooth out wrinkles, remove age spots, photoaging and dark bags under the eyes. Sure, your skin will certainly look healthier, but the ruthless passage of time has never stopped you.

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