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The CM Salus rehabilitation team are experienced, dedicated physiotherapists and specialists who have been working over the years to ensure that patients return to health and fitness in the shortest possible time in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

The CM Salus Rehabilitation Center includes new, comfortable rooms and gyms, equipped with modern equipment. Patients can take advantage of a wide range of physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, manual therapy, etc. On the Salus CM fingers, physiotherapy treatments are performed under the National Health Foundation and for a fee. There are also benefits for people who are eligible to use medical services from companies such as Medicover, Lux-Med, Mondial, Falck, Enel-Med and others.

Rehabilitation outpatient clinic
In a rehabilitation clinic, specialists have the right to the appropriate type of rehabilitation, recommending the necessary procedures to achieve full physical shape. During the medical examination, an interview is conducted and the patient’s health is assessed. Consultations can be used in CM Salus under the NFZ and privately.

Outpatient rehabilitation

Free rehabilitation for people with disabilities
From July 1, 2018, patients with severe disabilities can use CM Salus rehabilitation free of charge and without payment. To use the procedures, it is necessary to present at registration a document confirming the right, i.e. a certificate of a significant degree of disability, as well as a referral to physiotherapy procedures.

Day hospital rehabilitation
Patients whose state of health does not allow for outpatient rehabilitation and does not require round-the-clock medical supervision Day procedures can be used. Recovery includes complex physiotherapy of the musculoskeletal system, especially for orthopedic indications (after trauma, surgery or chronic diseases), as well as rheumatic, oncological and pulmonary indications. The duration of the physiotherapy cycle in the day department is 3 to 6 weeks.

Rehabilitation without a referral.
CM Salus offers a wide range of physiotherapy treatments that patients can use for a fee (without a referral). Salusa physiotherapists also use various therapeutic methods such as: PNF, Kinesiology Recording, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Mackenzie Mobilization. Attractive discounts have been prepared for patients using commercial services.

Home Rehabilitation
Home Rehabilitation is intended for people who cannot move independently and cannot come to the institution to take advantage of outpatient procedures. Home treatment is carried out by CM Salus at the patient’s expense. The cost of a visit to one physiotherapist is PLN 60 (access to Klodzko) or PLN 80 (access in Klodzko commune).

Physiotherapist deals with individual physiotherapy of the patient. The methods he uses include deep tissue massage, manual holistic therapy by Dr. A. Rakovsky, trigger therapy, pinotherapy, etc. It deals with pain and dysfunctions mainly related to the musculoskeletal system. The therapy relieves back pain, headaches, enthesopathies, pain associated with degenerative joint changes, and many other diseases. Patients also have the option of physiotherapy consultation, in which a specialist diagnoses and qualifies people for appropriate physical therapy.

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