Location of electrodes in electrostimulation and basic principles of electrode operation

Ułożenie elektrod podczas elektrostymulacji TENS

After purchasing an electrotherapy device, the question often arises about how to position the electrodes on the body for the treatment to be effective, and how the electrodes should work. These questions are very important because in addition to adjusting the parameters and doses of the procedure, it is equally important to correctly position the electrodes.

Placing the electrode

It is worth remembering that there is no single, universal and well-defined key that would fit all patients, in accordance with which the electrodes are located. It should be borne in mind that everyone has different pain sensations, we differ in body composition and the affected area, even in the case of the same diseases. However, there are general guidelines to help you use electrodes safely during surgery.

Ułożenie elektrod na ciele

Safety rules when using electrodes

When using electrostimulation, remember the following rules:

  • Do not place electrodes so that current flows through the heart (for example, the black electrode on the chest and the red electrode on the shoulder blade). However, it is acceptable to place electrodes along muscle groups around the heart (for example, to strengthen the pectoral muscles).
  • It is forbidden to place electrodes near or in the place of injuries, cuts, ruptures of the skin, on the genitals, arterial sinuses. cervical, on very hairy skin.
  • Do not place electrodes near the eyes. Make sure no current flows through the eyeball (electrodes are not located on opposite sides of the eye) and maintain a minimum distance of 3 cm from the eye. Use only round electrodes for facials.

Electrode placement during TENS

The electrodes should be placed in pairs, following the principle that you first stick the skin electrodes and then connect the wires to them.

In the case of electrostimulation (a procedure involving the transmission of electrical impulses to the patient’s body), adhesive electrodes are most convenient and most often used. They come in different shapes: round, rectangular, square) and you can find them in our store under the category: Electrotherapy electrodes.

We attach the electrodes in the shape of a rectangle (the distance between the electrodes should not be less). than 4 cm), thus surrounding the pain area using CH1 and CH2. This diagram is shown in the figure below.

Ułożenie elektrod podczas elektrostymulacji TENS

Using Self Adhesive Electrodes

Before use, remove the electrode protective film and then place it in a suitable place on the skin. After each use, the electrode must be re-protected with a protective film / screen that prevents the gel from drying out. The strength of the electrode depends on many factors, mainly the pH of the skin and its lubrication. It is recommended to replace the electrodes after 20-30 uses. Long-term use of the same electrodes can reduce the safety of stimulation. Do not use the same electrodes for different users.

Electrode storage is also important. After each use, it is advisable to hide the electrodes in the sealed bags where they are sold and place them in a dark and dry place. You can also use string bags. This prevents the electrodes from drying out and deteriorating.

If the gel is drying on the electrode, replace it with a new one or try moistening the electrode with a few drops of water to restore stickiness.

Do not use electrodes that do not adhere well to the skin or are damaged, as this can cause redness of the skin that continues even several hours after treatment.

For better effect and longer electrode life, rinse the treatment area with warm water and soap, wipe the skin with disinfectant and dry the skin before sticking on the electrodes.

Remember to use electrodes and cables supplied by reliable suppliers only and check their condition before each use. .

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